Can you believe it’s already been one month since Tournament Seeker launched from PAX?!

So much has, is, and will continue to happen both within this unique resource for competitive gaming tournaments, as well as, around the entire eSports community we serve.

To mark this special one month anniversary, (which we realize is usually only reserved for junior high couples in love) we have 10 tremendous news items to share.

Prepare to be served, as we report from the first 30 days of in the wild…

1. All-New Promotional Video

Let’s start with the most recent and exciting news.  Today we released an all-new promo video for Tournament Seeker!  We have strategic ways this will be distributed throughout the gaming community and it fits perfectly into a 60 second commercial slot, but for now, we’ve made it publicly available on our dedicated YouTube channel.  Why wait…enjoy it now!

2. Analytics

This is only the beginning, but it’s still been very encouraging to not only hear the overwhelming positive feedback for so many allies, but to also see this “search engine for video game events worldwide” already being used by thousands.  Here’s a few key stats…

– 66 total video game tournaments listed
– 4 Premium Listing, 1 Charity Listing, and 2 Featured Listing upgrades
– 10,000+ page views, 3,200+ overall visitors, 2,200+ unique visitors, and an average of 3 minutes 34 seconds per visit

3. Search Engine Visibility

With analytics on our minds, one of the most powerful, and yet unknown benefits of listing your video game event on Tournament Seeker, is the extended visibility you’re able to give yourself on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  One of the keys to offering such powerful inbound links, is to establish Tournament Seeker as “The Authority for Video Game Tournaments”.  This is easier said than done, but it’s been encouraging to see some initial rankings moving up search engines very fast and in meaningful ways.  Here are a quick sample of from Google’s results today, and the rank that Tournament Seeker has achieved so far…

– “Competitive Video Game Tournaments” – #8 out of 54,70,000
– “Online Video Game Tournaments” – #16 out of 22,700,000
– “Competitive Gaming Tournaments” – #1 out of 1,580,000
– “Tournament Seeker” – #1-10 out of 1,090,000

4. Twitter Integration

Twitter Integration was announced the very first day after we launched publicly, but it still counts as a great accomplishment in the first 30 days!  With our security model being based on Pinterest, it was important to make “logging in” as easy as connecting your Facebook or Twitter accounts.  Although logging in is not required to interact with most of the content around Tournament Seeker, it is required to list a gaming event or comment around the website…which you should try below!

5. Immediate Connectivity

In only the first 30 days, we’ve made a lot of new friends around the world of eSports.  In some cases, the connectivity has matured to the point where Tournament Seeker is highlighted as an official event sponsor.  In another case, we’ve connected with Crush It Tournaments to actually bring Jet Set Studio into the mix to not only help develop a great 4v4 MW3 tournament, but to also promote and attend this upcoming tournament in New York.  In short, Tournament Seeker is connecting people in meaningful ways.

6. Media Coverage

Tournament Seeker has been fortunate to have the video game community embrace this all-new concept.  Here’s just a few examples of folks who have been generous enough to highlight Tournament Seeker within their own communities…

GUNNAR Beta Tests Tournament Seeker at PAX Prime
RTV: Tournament Seeker – eSports Rejoice
Dan Birlew: Search for Game Events
Des Moines Register: Jet Set Studio Launches Search Engine

7. Nominated to Present at AT&T Pitch & Grow XI

The actual presentation will not be until next week, but Jet Set Studio will be presenting it’s overall business model, including Tournament Seeker, to a variety of business investors at the AT&T Pitch & Grow XI.  After tuning in (and immediately wanting to attend) TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2012 earlier this month, this will be good practice and may even open new doors as we consider ways of expanding the reach of the Tournament Seeker brand.

8. Social Media Landscape

As you can see in the bottom right corner, Tournament Seeker has made a substantial mark in the social media landscape, by configuring a variety of powerful and interactive social media outlets.  We are strategic with each outlet, but Tournament Seeker on Twitter is probably the hardest hitting outlet so far, with 400 followers in one month, while Tournament Seeker on Facebook has a solid 200 likes.  The new Tournament Seeker Promo Video however, could make the Tournament Seeker YouTube Channel our rising star, which will be an interesting place to watch, so feel free to subscribe!

9. Testimonials

With so many allies, doing so many things in the gaming world, it’s been a unique experience, showcasing a few thoughts from some big names in gaming.  Top Halo pro player, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins shared his thoughts, while former MLG commentator, Alex “GoldenboyFTW” Mendez weighed in with some big time thoughts as well.  Others continue to talk, so we’re excited to share more of these as we move forward.

10. Coming Soon…

With goals of truly making Tournament Seeker an international resource for eSports worldwide, we’ve enhanced with Google Translate to provide the Tournament Seeker experience in different languages and have plans to implementing new event listing options for more worldwide locations, time zones, and currency options.  We’ve got plenty more up our sleeve, but you’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens next.


That’s just the first 30 days…imagine where we can take Tournament Seeker from here!