Mission & Values

Tournament Seeker is a beautiful blend of video game event management resources. Our mission is to give gamers a clear and easy way to find video game tournaments around the world.

We also understand the struggles that come with organizing a great event, so Tournament Seeker provides helpful resources to event organizers, and the unique opportunity to list and showcase video game events for FREE.

By centralizing a place that is dedicated to listing video game tournaments worldwide, Tournament Seeker transitions more ideas into an exciting reality.  This brings more gamers together, help connect good people to great resources, and continue to bring the world of competitive gaming to life.


Tournament Seeker represents the culmination of professional experience, passionate ideas, and a never-ending commitment to building great things within the video game industry.

As an authority for video game tournaments, Jet Set Studio has been attending, promoting, and managing video game events since 2007.  Fueled by the video game community at www.GatheringofGamers.com, Jet Set Studio is connected with a wide spectrum of gamers but at the same time, offers professional business and community development strategies.

Whether it is collaborating with Fortune 500 companies, educational organizations, fellow event organizers, or anyone in between, Jet Set Studio is committed to offering unique products and services that utilize the magnetism of video games.  Tournament Seeker is the latest joint from Jet Set Studio and we’re excited to bring the world of competitive gaming together in such a powerful and effective way.

About Jet Set Studio

Established in 2007, Jet Set Studio is a small business based in Des Moines, Iowa.  We originated the term “Video Game Event Management”, as we’ve been bringing gamers together online and in real life, all around world.

Like www.GatheringofGamers.com and The Iowa Pro Gaming Challenge, Tournament Seeker is a “product” that is managed by Jet Set Studio.  Our “service” is providing an outsourced solution for video game event management and equipment needs to a wide variety of clients.

More information can be found by exploring our company website – www.JetSetStudio.net

Our Team

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    Ben McDougal
    President As President of Jet Set Studio, Ben McDougal...
  • ZachEllsbury
    Zach Ellsbury
    Lead Programmer Zach is a beast.  He has helped...

Join Us

If you have interest in the competitive gaming scene, consider yourself a professional, and have nothing short of an infectious personality, you might be a good fit here at Tournament Seeker!

The gaming world is full of people with good ideas and big dreams, but our team is made of individuals who have proven themselves to be endlessly dedicated, professional, responsible, experienced, creative, and fun.  Like any organization, our staff works together and as the adventure of our work brings us together, more opportunities open up in different ways.  If you think you have what it takes and would like to get more involved here within Tournament Seeker, we’d love to hear from you.

Available Positions

Scour the web and social media to find both live and online video game events worldwide.  Connect with event organizers to get this unique resource on their promotional radar.  Must be 18+.

Account Executive
This individual would help maintain the accuracy and activity associated with our unique video game event calendar.  Other responsibilities may include account troubleshooting, selling ad space, and helping users who may be interested in the event management services of Jet Set Studio.  Sales and account management is a plus, but may not be required.  Must be 21+.

As featured video game events are announced and listed within the Tournament Seeker’s event calendar, this individual would work to interview event organizers and professionally showcase more details about an upcoming video game event.  Past writing experience within the gaming industry is a plus, but not a requirement.  Must be 18+.

Apply Today

To get more involved here at Tournament Seeker, you’re first going to want to connect with the collection of online outlets that make up the fabric of Jet Set Studio.  Depending on the staff position you’re interesting in, your engagement with these various resources will vary, but in short, the more active and influential you are online and at live video game events, the better chance you have at making our team.

Once you’ve done your homework and if you still believe you’re a good fit, send us an email (contact@TournamentSeeker.com) that describes the position you’re interested in, attach a resume if applicable, and tell us what makes you awesome.