After over five years of extensively working within the video game community, managing a variety of video game events around North America, and diving head first into the competitive video game scene, Jet Set Studio determined that video game event organizers and the competitive gamers they were trying to reach…were being unnecessarily disconnected.

Tournament Seeker has been developed to rekindle those valuable connections between event organizers worldwide, and the hungry gamers who always want to know when and where their next gaming tournament will be!

Tournament Seeker can be thought of as a search engine for video game events.

With the Tournament Seeker event listing engine, we’ve made showcasing a competitive gaming tournament ultra easy (and FREE) for event organizers.  For the players, we’ve provided an interactive video game event calendar and powerful search options for finding almost any type of online or live video game event!

Along with such a powerful connection tool for the competitive gaming community, Tournament Seeker also provides our users with proven and insightful event management resources.  Whether you’re thinking about hosting a gaming event for the first time, or a season veteran looking for a few new ideas, Tournament Seeker’s Resource Central is a hot bed of free and unbiased intelligence.

We are proud that the secret is finally out…Tournament Seeker is LIVE and together with the community we love, everyone around here is passionately excited to surprise the world.

Alright, enough already!  Let’s get this party started…