Pro gamers are always hungry to find the next live or online video game tournament to compete in.

Other players who aspire to become pro gamers must compete in competitive gaming events to gain the experience and notoriety often required to move up the ranks in their respective video game community.

To me, Tournament Seeker is a powerful and super easy-to-use tool that offers a much-needed connection for the entire world of eSports.  Competitive gamers at all levels can connect and find a wide variety of events happening all over the world.  I use Tournament Seeker and I highly recommend you do too!

Kyle "Elamite" Elam MLG Pro Gamer & Halo Commentator

Tournament Seeker is an amazing tool for any competitive gamer.  I love how you can quickly find both LAN and online video game tournaments, then narrow down your search to find the exact type of event you’re looking for.

Faze Competitive will be stopping by Tournament Seeker anytime we’re looking for a Call of Duty championship to take home.  Tournament Seeker is legit and I’ll be using this website a lot in the future.

Tony "Nameless" Wheeler Pro Call of Duty Champion

There are so many great little video game tournaments online and all over the world, that simply don’t have the resources to get the exposure they deserve.

Tournament Seeker is a brilliant concept that is perfect to keep eSports growing in so many different ways.  Count me in 100%!

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins Pro Halo Player, Major League Gaming

I love Tournament Seeker!  It’s an easy to use website that’s great for eSports and the Competitive Gaming Community.

Tournament Seeker is truly unique and has real potential to be the gold standard for event promotion!

Alex "GoldenboyFTW" Mendez Professional eSports Commentator