Twin Galaxies

Organized, competitive gaming can only move forward when there is a united community.  Tournament Seeker brings champions into the limelight by uniting the gaming culture into one cohesive community and by providing innovative tools for event organizers worldwide.

Mr. Walter Day Founder, Twin Galaxies
Urgent Fury

Tournament Seeker has a great system for promoting events for online gamers, it is amazing how easy the system to use, get your information out there, and interact directly with the gamers on the listing you manage all yourself.

Urgent Fury will use Tournament Seeker for all future events!!!

Mr. Shane Bell CIO, Urgent Fury

When people find Tournament Seeker, they will simply be blown away with the amount of local and online video game tournament information they can plug into anytime.

Finding competitive gaming tournaments has never been easier and I can’t wait for more gamers to check out this all-new concept!

Kelly "Mrs. Violence" Kelley Gamespot eSports Ambassador

Tournament Seeker is like flipping the “ON” switch!

We find great value in showcasing our video game events as Premium Listings on Tournament Seeker.  We even engaged Jet Set Studio to develop and help manage our inaugural event!  In short, if you’re looking to generate meaningful visibility for your video game tournament, utilizing the easy-to-use tools within Tournament Seeker is an absolute must.

Mr. Owen Soba CEO, Crush It Tournaments