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Along with being the wizards behind Tournament Seeker, Jet Set Studio offers professional “video game event management“.

Since 2004, leaders of this Iowa-based company have been involved with developing and implementing a variety of live events.  In 2007, those events became exclusively video game oriented.  Whether it has been developing an interactive gaming element at a corporate event, or a large-scale video game tournament dedicated to providing gamers with the unique environment that only eSports can provide, Jet Set Studio is a recognized leader around the United States.

With this professional experience, the concept of writing an actual book to share insight, techniques, and ideas was the initial plan.  However, with Tournament Seeker becoming a reality in 2012, Jet Set Studio decided to transition the book’s chapter ideas and introductory insight into Tournament Seeker’s free resources here within Resource Central.

Below are the primary stages of video game event management, including insight on what goes into each stage.