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  1. Event Location: Online Event
  2. Start Date: Friday, Feb 8th, 2013 at 12:00 am
  3. End Date: Sunday, Feb 10th, 2013 at 6:00 pm
  4. Registration: Registration is closed
  1. Event Description: PBG & Plantronics GAMECOM Tournament
    Black Ops 2 - 4v4 CORE (X360)
    SIGN UPS: OPEN NOW and Ends at Midnight on 02/08/2013
    ENTRY: ..........wait for it........... FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Paybackgames is having a COMPLETELY FREE Black Ops 4v4 Core (X360) Tournament. The winning team takes home 4 Pairs of PLANTRONICS X40 Headsets! We thought that what better way to show just HOW MUCH we have to offer our players... than with a FREE TOURNAMENT!

    So, get your cell-phone out, get on your computer, start sending morse code, grab your coconut wireless, start your smoke signals, or simply get on XBox Live... Because you NEED to get the word out to ANY and ALL communities who have a team that wants to win these headsets. If we don't get this FREE tournament filled out, then something's wrong with gamers nowadays!

    Also, when you get a chance - show some love to Plantronics on Facebook! Since they GAVE US these headsets JUST for Paybackgames to GIVE AWAY on our site! Give them a Like on their Facebook page, and then post a nice message thanking them for giving Paybackgames the chance to give away so many pairs of their amazing headsets in Dec 2012 and Jan 2013. Even if you don't win any of the last ones we're giving away, sharing some good vibe helps them to feel better about giving more away in the future... which gives you more chances to win them!

    Remember, all Paybackgames tournament plan is played online from the comfort of your own PC or console gaming sytem, and requires no travel. All teams and its members must be registered on and must abide by our Terms of Use and Code of Conduct, as well as those which are listed by XBL and PSN. All teams must report their match results on prior to the listed report due date for each round or forfeit their match for the unreported round(s).

    Play Fair and Play Often!

Game Divisions:
  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops II (4v4) Free Event! Details
    Prize Info: 1st - 4 Pairs of Plantronics X40 Headsets
    2nd - 250XP
    3rd - 125XP
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  2. Twitter: @Paybackgames