Tournament Seeker has proven to be a powerful bridge between event organizers and people looking to compete.
In 2014, we are proud to announce the release of an all-new version of Tournament Seeker.

As Jet Set Studio shared in this recent news article, our team has been back in the lab creating something magical.  This next generation of Tournament Seeker will be more powerful, more flexible, and even easier to use as we improve what this tool can mean for the world of eSports, but also different competitive sports and hobbies around the world.

All-New API Structure

With an all-new API foundation built to drive your tournament listings across the web in a whole new way, Tournament Seeker will redefine how you can showcase your event.  This flexible and powerful new way of connecting, sharing, and showcasing tournaments with a click of a button…will change the game.

Quick simply, answer this.  How does a free, one-click WordPress widget or a simple embed code to quickly showcase select events on your own website, blog, or forum sound?  Yep…that’s what we thought.

Got Smartphone?

Along with opening the flood gates by allowing developers access to easily implement listings on Tournament Seeker into their websites, this all-new API structure will introduce new ways for Tournament Seeker to be used within the mobile environment.

Calling all you code monkeys out there, stay tuned as we’ll have more details on how to get your hands on our all-new, easy-to-use API soon.  We have some plans of our own, but we truly can not wait to see what YOU build.

Market Expansion

We can’t give it all away quite yet, but be ready for serious market expansion outside of just competitive video gaming.  The video game community and competitive eSports scene has been an amazing sandbox for us to play in, but in 2014 Tournament Seeker will be disrupting other competitive sporting markets.

Whether it’s soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, chess, arm wrestling, or the endless amounts of markets that bring people together to enjoy competitive tournaments…the next generation of Tournament Seeker will soon give the gift of visibility to a dramatically expanding collection of markets.

“This market expansion is what we’re perhaps most excited about.  It truly represents our long-term vision of this concept and I’m passionately excited about introducing the innovative resources throughout Tournament Seeker to exponentially more people around the world.”

- Ben McDougal | Co-Founder & CEO | Jet Set Studio

The Time Is Now

Inspired yet?  If you are reading this and feel the innovative energy, we invite you to get involved.  At this time we are actively talking with leaders within different communities who may be able to introduce Tournament Seeker to event organizers and the competitive community they serve.

If you’re active in a specific market (basketball, football, hockey, whatever!) and you’re ready to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity, we invite you to contact us today, as it is time to change the world.