Happy New Year!  Let’s celebrate by launching a bunch of great new features for both players and event organizers!  Here’s a quick run through on the new features we’ve implemented…

Optimized Search

ButtonIt’s easy to find any video game tournaments on Tournament Seeker, but to make it even easier, you can now access search tools in the slider under the main header navigation.  The slider is minimized on interior pages, but maximize it anytime to search by location, game titles, etc….and our optimized algorithm will return all upcoming events that have been listed.

Simplified Navigation

We’ve killed the drop-down menus and made Tournament Seeker even easier to navigate on any device!  If you’re a player, the Player Portal is for you.  If you’re an event organizer, the Organizer HQ is where you’ll want to be.  We also optimized the social media login elements that give you access to the more involved features within each area.  Let’s learn a bit more…

Player Portal vs. Organizer HQ

Another big enhancement we have made, is in an effort to quickly guide people into the areas they’re most interested in.  Although a simple sign-in gives you access to both areas, players are able to quickly access their resources in the all-new Player Portal, while the new area for event developers can be access in the all-new Organizer HQ.  We’ve relocated resources, such as Listing An Event, to make everything more convenient, but here are a few the all-new features in each new section dedicated to those who make eSports great…YOU!



1. Track YOUR Favorite Events

PlayerPortal-MyFavoritesPlayers can now track any event listing, simply by adding it to their collection of favorites!  Login with Facebook or Twitter to track and access your favorite upcoming events and don’t worry, an archive feature let’s you revisit past events as well.  Organizers, promote your listing URL and enjoy watching the amount of people who have “favored” and shared your events increase!

2. Rewards for Referrals

PlayerPortal-MyReferralsAnother big new feature in the Player Portal is the ability to share a personalized referral link and automatically be awarded points for each friend you bring over to check out Tournament Seeker!  Want to have more contests?  Well, now we can!  Start collecting those referral points as you share Tournament Seeker with your entire network, and watch for our Rewards Program to launch soon.



1. Event Listing Analytics

List An EventOrganizer HQ is being enhanced in very powerful ways.  Tournament Seeker already makes it easy (and free) to showcase your online and live gaming events, but we’re now tracking more statistics for all event listings on Tournament Seeker.  Tracking analytics is important, so we’re excited to have these enhanced data tracking available as a Premium Resource very soon.

2. SEO-Enhanced Event Listings

We all understand the value of meaningful results on major search engines like Google, but what if gamers are searching for your event and you don’t have a website to generate this type of visibility?  Perhaps you have a website, but maybe it’s not ranking well yet?  Well, we have implemented new hooks into all our video game event listings that allow search engines to better index each listing.  The result of this update is an increased opportunity for individual event listings to generate their own identity on search engines!  Next time you list an event, wait a couple days and you’ll start seeing your listing climbing up search engines.  Now that is cool!

Additional Polishing

Other updates were made around the website as well, such as new navigation graphics and slick new way to spotlight upgraded events on the homepage, so we hope you enjoy the optimized user experience.  Plans for even more development is already in the works, which you can preview with locked buttons like the one you see below, as Premium Resources over in the Organizer HQ are some of the exciting concepts we’ve been waiting to unleash since we launched.

OrganizerHQ-PremiumResources-SponsorBrokerage-LOCKED OrganizerHQ-PremiumResources-DiscountedUpgrades-LOCKED PlayerPortal-CollectMyRewardsLOCKED

In the meantime, follow Tournament Seeker on Twitter, like Tournament Seeker on Facebook, grab some referral points as you share this unique eSports aggregate, and know that the team at Jet Set Studio (who has a fresh new website design for the new year!) wishes the entire video game industry and the community that drives, the very best in 2013.

Jet Set Studio - Happy New Year