To provide a global experience, while also allowing gamers to connect with regional video game tournaments, we add international locations and other event listing options in a strategic way.

As we establish meaningful affiliates around the globe, competitive gamers should look for even more worldwide competitive gaming events to be showcased in Tournament Seeker’s event listings.

For video game tournament organizers around the world, keep an eye out for new listing options such as locations, language, time zone, and currency preferences coming very soon.

In fact, after an amazing job with the London Olympics (will eSports ever be an Olympic sport by the way?), competitive FIFA being such a big title internationally, and a meaningful new connection with the European Gaming League, we’re excited to announce we have now added England locations to our unique tournament listing engine!  For folks in the UK, watch out, because video game events in your region are about to become much easier to find.

We plan to highlight South Korea next, as we know how big eSports is in that country.  Sweden will follow, because DreamHack is so amazing.  If you are interested in showcasing YOUR country’s gaming events and would like to have the options of listing tournaments in your country specifically, contact us by filling out the form below.  Cheers mates!