We’re excited to share that Tournament Seeker hit a small milestone.  This week we approved the 500th video game tournament that has been listed right here on Tournament Seeker.

Whether it’s a small gathering at a local LAN center, a large-scale video game event, a weekly recurring event within an existing community, or various online tournaments throughout all platforms…we’ve been amazed at the positive feedback from those who have fully utilized this unique resource for event organizers around the world.

With our enhanced organization that has optimized the user experience, we’re excited to see what the future brings.  This small milestone proves our formula is working for event organizers over in the Organizer HQ, and also providing competitive gaming enthusiasts with an experience that is helping them find more meaningful events within the eSports universe, over in the dedicated Player Portal.

In short, we realize that 500 competitive gaming tournament listings is only the beginning, but we’re excited by the organic growth within the community and invite you to get engaged.  List your next event today!